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Extreme Chocolate Giveaway November 18, 2009

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Good morning everyone. As I mentioned yesterday, I shared an amazing gigantic chocolate cupcake, with oreo buttercream frosting, for breakfast with my co-worker, Anna. However I feel as if I should have saved it for today as I noticed that Katie from Chocolate-Covered Katie is having an Extreme Chocolate Giveaway!!! If you want to enter…which you shouldn’t, because that lowers my chances of winning, JK…you can find information here.

Also, Katie is promoting an amazing charitable opportunity and asking everyone who reads her blog to assist her by clicking around. She is calling it Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness.  She is giving the proceeds she makes from Foodbuzz for people viewing her blog away to charity. So please visit her site regularly and click around!

I’ll be posting so more later about dinner last night/breakfast this morning! Anyone know what time it is? Law time! (yeah that was cheesy…sorry)


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